Our Science

ACEA leverages its drug discovery platform, unique expertise in real-time cell analysis, and a 1 million+ compound library to evaluate and identify compounds with “best-in-class” potential. Our unique drug discovery platform of small and large molecules has generated multiple novels and proprietary new chemical entities currently at preclinical and clinical stage development for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Cancer Research

In recent years, our understanding of cancer has been transformed. Tumors sharing the same origin are now known to comprise  an array of diseases with varying molecular ‘fingerprints’ which result in different disease characteristics and responsiveness to treatments. Scientific advances have also pointed to the importance of the immune system in preventing cancer from developing and the tactics used by cancer cells to escape immune surveillance. Cancer cells may acquire immune evasion mechanisms during cascades of mutations as they divide and replicate, enabling uncontrolled tumor growth.

This knowledge has led to the development of two areas of cancer research called targeted therapy and immunotherapy, which are the main focus of our drug discovery and development efforts:

Targeted Therapy

Small molecule treatments work inside the cell

Kills tumor cells while preserving healthy cells

Tend to be more efficacious than chemotherapy with fewer drug-related side effects

Biomarker-driven patient selection increases likelihood of responding to therapy


Large molecule treatments work outside the cell

Improve or restores patients own immune response to fight cancer

Provides better overall quality of life compared to chemotherapy

Biomarker-stratified patient selection may improve response to treatment

Autoimmune Diseases Research

The cause of most autoimmune diseases remains unknown. Several external and environmental factors such as a person’s gene, infections, and other environmental factors may play a role in disease development. ACEA research is focuses on identifying treatments that can block or suppress genes known to cause autoimmune diseases.

To learn more about our therapies, and ongoing clinical trials, please visit our pipeline.