Our Message to Patients

At ACEA, we are driven by our passion for discovering and developing innovative medicines that can significantly improve the lives of patients with life-threatening diseases.

Our team is developing a range of precision medicines including targeted therapies and immunotherapies which target the diverse underlying causes of disease. These drug candidates are designed to inhibit altered (mutated) or over-active proteins in the body that are implicated in specific disease processes. Our knowledge of cutting-edge molecular testing enables us to adopt a patient-centric approach to our research, designing clinical trials that are focused on individuals who are most likely to benefit from these treatments.

Several of our potential new medicines are currently being tested in clinical trials in the United States, Europe, and China for the treatment of lung cancer, lymphoma, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

To learn more about our therapies, and ongoing clinical trials, please visit our pipeline.